How to Create Your Own Heart Collage as Special Gift for Loved Ones

This wonderful heart collage is the perfect last minute gift for special occasions.

They are perfect for mothers day, fathers day, valentines day, birthdays, or simply as a nice surprise as well.

All you need is a camera and a printer and your thoughtful gift ideas is finished within minutes.

Let’s dive right into it.

heart collage

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How to Make Your Own Heart Collage Picture

This is what you will need for your surprise gift:


– camera

– red or pink T-Shirt

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– take pictures to form the heart shape

– form a collage


– be warned this is more work than it looks like

– don’t repeat my mistake, put a short sleeve shirts on

– don’t focus to close to the children, you can always cut the Photo out when you need it

– not all apps let you form collages with 12 pictures. I used Easy Collage

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