Easy Halloween Pencil Eraser Stamp Art for Kids

Let’s design spooky ghosts or flying bats with help of a pencil eraser and paint. It is super easy and fun.

Give it a try and create your own Halloween pencil Eraser stamp art with your kids.

Let’s dive right in.

Halloween Pencil Eraser Stamp Art

Halloween is one of my children’s favorite holidays, of course after their birthday and Christmas. Since a lot of autumn days are miserable and cold in Germany we love to do fun craft projects on rainy afternoons.

Mostly they are either educational, season, or holiday-related. Since I have three kids in the house with the age of 2,4 and 7 they also must be toddler prove and still interesting for big kids.

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As long as your child doesn’t try to take the pencil in his mouth you are good to go for this easy Halloween DIY.

Any liquid colors can be used or even an ink pad will work.

If you are worried about little toddlers use eatable colors or make your own finger paint.

Nevertheless, please supervise younger children during this activity since the erasers can be a choking hazard.

But let’s get started now and see what we will need for our DIY Halloween pencil eraser stamp art project.


  • pencil with a flat eraser
  • free printable or paper
  • paint
  • paper plate
  • marker (optional)
materials stamp art

These step-by-step instructions are here to help you visualize how to make this fun Halloween ghost activity. Please scroll down to simply print out the instructions!


Step 1: Plan your project

  • What do you like to create? Will you do freestyle, draw your own objects outlines, or get a free printable? Set up your mind and prepare your materials in step 2 accordingly.

Step 2: Set up your materials

  • After choosing your design it’s time to prepare your Halloween project.
    Either print your free template, draw something with a pencil yourself, or let your kids do it when they are old enough.

    Then place your liquid colors on a paper plate for your children. We used darker colors such as orange, green, and purple to match our Halloween theme.

Step 3: Lets have fun

  • The next step is the stamping process. Use the flat eraser side of your pencil as a stamp.

    Dip it in your liquid color and stamp away. We started by going around the outlines and moved our way slowly to the edge of the paper.
ghost stamps

Step 4: Draw faces (optional)

  • Use a black marker to add faces to your ghosts and sign your art project like a real artist.
    Don’t forget to add the date in case you like to keep as a memory in your arts and crafts folder.
pencil stamp art

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  • Be aware that this ghost project for toddlers can be messy. Most likely their arms or elbows will end up at some point dipped in paint. Simply use washable paint or put them in old cloth to avoid turning this fun art project for kids into a mom stressed.
  • Did you make your own eatable liquid color yet? It is super easy and would be perfect for this activity. We tried it several weeks ago for another project and I have to admit my kids loved being mommy’s little helper creating their own paint. Here is the recipe we used.
  • Add a twist and go to the library prior, get some fun Halloween books, or watch a Halloween movie prior to your project to engage the kid’s creativity.
  • This easy DIY Halloween activity is the perfect art project for a classroom setting. We did it together with my son’s friends, they all loved it and it was super easy for me to coordinate multiple children and a small toddler at the same time!
  • Why not make your own toddler safe paint? Try this fun recipe here.


My kids loved this eraser stamp project. I can highly recommend it.

We had already all materials in my house, it was super easy and fast to set up and not a big mess at all. Which makes it definitely a mommy win.

The kids on the other side were excited about this creative project and kept them engaged the whole afternoon. No one was bored and even my small toddler could easily participate!

Now I would like to hear from you!
How did you enjoy this cool ghost craft idea?
Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.
I love to hear from you!

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Halloween Pencil Stamp Art

Hallowenn pencil stamp art

How to stamp spooky Halloween pictures with kids.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • Free Printable or blank paper
  • pencil with eraser
  • watercolors


  1. Print your free Halloween templets
  2. Use your eraser on the back of your pencil and dip it in liquid colors.
  3. Use the colored eraser tip as stamp and paint your picture with it.

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