How to Make a Fun Fall Salt Painting With Kids (Age 3+)

Did you know you can paint on salt and create beautiful salt paintings? You surely can and it’s awesome!

In fact you only need 3 materials to have an whole afternoon full of fun!

Let’s dive right in.

Fall salt painting for kids

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Fall Salt Painting

I m very excited about this week’s art project. My kids and their friends really enjoyed making their raised salt paintings and I m sure your children will love it too!

During school break, I started meeting with my son’s friends once a week for an afternoon full of arts and crafts. Therefore I m always looking for activities that are easy to manage in a group or classroom setting and exciting but not too difficult for my smaller daughter to participate in as well.

For this week’s arts and crafts idea, I chose fall salt painting. I made cute little invitations and picked as topic “autumn” since leaves are already turning and the days are getting shorter.

Fall and Halloween are right around the corner. Nevertheless, the less this art activity works all around the year and you can choose to draw or paint whatever you like!

In order to make it easier for the children, I chose to print out templates I made prior. That way simply had to trace the lines. Here is the link for the free printables I created for this fun activity.

Here is what you will need to create your own fall salt paintings:


  • thick card stock
  • liquid glue
  • salt
  • watercolors
  • brush

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But let’s take a look at the full step by step tutorial now to create your own salt painting:


Step 1: Planning

  • Decide on what you like to create. Pick a theme or simply print a templet on your cardboard.
free printables

Step 2: Create art

  • Take your liquid glue and either trace the outlines of your printed templet or simply draw a design or picture on your cardboard with it.
trace lines with glue

Step 3: Add salt

  • While your glue drawing is still wet use salt and sprinkle salt over it till its thoroughly covered.
cover glue with salt

Step 4: Check

  • Check if you missed covering a part of your salt drawing and add more salt if necessary.

Step 5: Remove extra salt

  • Remove the excess salt from your salt painting by gently shaking or blowing it off.

Step 6: Let it try

  • Let your, by salt, covered design try. Be aware that it takes a while, depending on how thick your child made the lines with liquid glue.

Step 7: Start coloring

  • When your art project is fully tried, take a brush, and start coloring by tapping gently on your salt work. We simply used watercolors for this step.
finish fall salt painting

Step 8: Enjoy your piece of art

  • After your child added the color to his salt drawing let it try again before you can enjoy your finished picture.

Step 9: Optional

  • Does your child still want to keep going? Let them simply finish watercolor the parts without salt. Your painting will appear with a beautiful 3 D effect.
Fall salt painting for kids - STEAM activity for kids

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  • Any type of cardboard will work but for a better look I recommend using white thick cardboard
  • I tried this project with clear and white liquid glue. For the printed template, I recommend using white glue to cover the ink.
  • To avoid salt all over your room I recommend using a baking sheet or any type of pan big enough for your salt drawing. This way the extra salt can stay in one place and not all over your table or floor.
  • We used watercolors for this project but any type of liquid color will do. If you don’t have any take a glass, fill it with water, and add food coloring. Just make sure to add enough food coloring to keep the color vibrant.
  • I simply used white computer paper for this activity. The downside is you get stains from the liquid clue you can’t avoid on the paper. If you don’t have any cardboard paper in the house any type of thicker paper will work better than computer paper for this cool art project. You can even use paper plates or watercolor paper.
  • Cover your countertop or table with an old newspaper or old cardboard to avoid a big mess.
  • Use bright colors to get a vibrant crystal look.


Everyone really loves this activity. Especially the crystal effect of it.

If you follow the tips, it won’t be too messy and full success. I love making this activity all around the year and choose each time a fitting theme.

This easy art activity is also a great idea for Halloween around the corner.

I only can recommend you trying it! Just be aware, the salt will fall off over time from your painting if you consider hanging it up.

Age recommendation: 3 and up

I hope you liked this raised salt painting activity for your children.

Don’t forget to let me know whether your kids enjoyed this DIY project. Leave a comment below and add a picture.

I love to hear from you!

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Fall Salt Painting

Fall salt painting for kids

How to create your own fall salt painting with kids

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


  • salt
  • liquid glue
  • watercolor
  • paint brush
  • paper


  1. print free printables
  2. trace the lines with the liquid glue
  3. sprinkle salt on the wet glue till it is fully covered
  4. let the salt try
  5. remove left over salt
  6. start painting with water colors on the tried salt

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