Writing Numbers Practice with Cars

If you want to help your child write numbers, then you can give them writing practice with the help of toy cars.

This is a great way to motivate your little one to write basic numerals, especially if they have a keen interest in race cars.

number writing practice

Numbers Writing Practice with Race Cars

Hello Cubs and Lil Tigers!

It’s Mr. Albie from Cub Wings and I’d like to share this fun and educational activity to help you write numbers. This handwriting activity is inspired by our video about writing numbers and race cars.

How to Write Numbers using Race Cars

Your child may already be an avid fan of race cars, and you may already have basic writing materials at home. So you might already have all the materials you need. Here’s a list of some recommended materials to inspire your child to write numbers with a race car theme:


  • Small race car toy
  • Free tracing number worksheets or large sheets of paper to write on as an example
  • Permanent marker
  • Writing paper for the child to practice writing
  • Writing pencil for your child (for fun, you can also have a large race car themed pencil)

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Step 1:

Download your practice writing numbers printable here or use the permanent marker to write out numbers 1 to 10 on the large sheets of paper. Write one number per sheet of paper.

These will act as examples so that your child can use practice by copying those examples. 

writing number tracing sheets

Step 2:

Treat each large number on the paper as a “race track” that the toy race car must drive over. Then, play with the toy race car and pretend that it is going on each number as if it is a “race track”.

The race car will go over the numbers in the same way that those numbers are written, so the child can copy how to write it. Add some fun by making race car noises as the car drives over the numbers, such as “Vrooooooooom!”

number writing practice with cars

Step 3:

Let your child practice writing those numbers using their pencil and writing paper. If they have trouble, then break down each number into straight lines, curved lines, and ovals or circles, and let them practice those basic lines first.

Writing Numbers Practice

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1 to 3 for numbers 1 to 10. Once your child is able to write 1-10, then gradually teach them numbers 1 to 20, up to 100.

The digits will repeat themselves, so if your child can write 1 to 10, then they should be able to write the rest.

writing number worksheet 1-100

How to Download Your Number Tracing Worksheets

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About the Author

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Mr. Albie has worked as a teacher in classrooms for several years. He has a Bachelors’s degree from UNSW (Sydney, Australia), and a Masters’s degree from UCL, University of London (UK). The Cub Wings videos are inspired by his work as a teacher, and by his two adorable children.

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