10 Best Play Dough Tools and Accessories for Kids

Playing with playdough never gets old and the possibilities are endless. Try these 10 Best Play Dough Tools and explore new learning opportunities they come with.

Let’s have a look!

10 Best Play Dough tools

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Benefits of Play Dough

Playing play dough is a popular activity for kids of all ages with many benefits.

I love the fact that it helps develop fine motor skills, enhances their hand/eye coordination, and encourages their creativity.

Therefore I encourage them to play with it whenever I can. Especially right before dinner time, it is a nice calming activity they can do by themselves while I’m able to cook in peace and quiet.

I also love the fact that it holds so many teaching opportunities and they can learn while playing.

After 8 years of playdough obsession and 3 kids later I love to share our favorite playdough toolsets with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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10 Best Tools for Play Dough

1. Texture Rolling Pins

My kids love these wooden rolling pins for play dough. They help them to explore different patterns and textures and fit perfectly in their little hands.

2. Safety Scissors

These plastic scissors are perfect to improve your child’s cutting skills. We love that they make different patterns.

Cutting play dough is perfect for beginners. You will find that it is easier for young toddlers to cut playdough than paper.

3. Alphabet Play Dough Cutter Kit

I love those ABC playdough accessories for my toddler. He is fascinated by cutting the rolled-out dough and we can learn the ABC at the same time. It is a win-win.

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4. Play Dough Tool Set

This playdough activity set from Melissa & Dough comes with sculpting tools and 8 tubs of dough. I like the fact this play dough equipment includes scissors which are hard to find in play dough toolsets.

5. Play Dough Extruder

The Playdough extruder must be really calming. The kids love to squeeze the dough into this fun playdough toy and create long stripes in different shapes.

Believe me, this activity never gets old!

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6. Number Stamps

Roll out the dough and cut bright and fun numbers. This hands-on learning activity will help your child memorize numbers in no time!

7. Play Dough Cutters

Your kids will love these adorable animal cutters. The playdough cutters include fish, dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, reptiles, and more.

They are definitely perfect for a rainy day project with kids.

8. Construction Set

As your kids grow the old playdough toys will start to get boring. That’s when I started paying for this fun construction set. It is a big hit with the boys in my house!

Did you ever try to make your own playdough? It is super easy. Take a look here at this Toddler Safe Play Dough Recipe. Or simply try something new and try our fun Moon Dough Recipe!

9. Ice Cream Set

My girl of course didn’t care too much about the construction toys.
Instead, we got her an ice cream set everyone loves to play with.

10. Googly Eyes

You will not believe it but these googly eyes keep my kids entertained for hours. They use them to create the most colorful play dough monsters.

Please supervise younger children playing with googly eyes!


Tools for play dough do not have to be expensive to be fun. Take a look around for things you already have in your house and you can use.

Here are some fun examples: Plastic knife and fork, potato masher, your holiday cookie cutters, or dry food items such as pasta or beans work well.

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