3 Fun Chestnut DIY Activities for Kids

Are you looking for new fall activities for your children? Then try these 3 awesome chestnut DIY activities with your kids.

In fact, all you mostly need are a lot of chestnuts for a fun-filled afternoon.

Let’s dive right in.

diy chestnut activity for kids

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Chestnut DIY Activities for Kids

One of my favorite seasons is right around the corner. Fall is coming and with it the beautiful Indian summer days are full of bright colors and hopefully a lot of sunshine. Perfect for long nature walks and a lot of exploring.

One of our favorite activities during autumn is DIY projects with chestnuts.

Already when I was little I loved playing with chestnuts and so do my kids. All fall long we go on “adventure walks”. We take a basket and collect different materials from mother nature.

Every day we take new routes and explore. On the way, the kids find different things they want to collect, leaves, pinecones, sticks, chestnuts…

At home, we explore and talk about them. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about nature.

But for these fun fall projects, we went chestnut hunting with our friends. The goal was to collect as many chestnuts as we can find and the good part is they were occupied the whole afternoon and will be for several more.

So let’s have fun and explore these 3 fun chestnut ideas together.

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Chestnut Sensory Play Box

Here is what you will need for this creative autumn project:


  • chestnuts
  • old sandbox
  • sand toys

Since summer is over now our goal is to fill the whole water seashell with chestnuts for sensory play during fall and winter. The kids decided they want to use them for different craft projects and simply to play with.

We are using our old barn right now to re-purpose it into an indoor playground and instead of a sandbox, I decided on a chestnut sensory play box for my toddler.

Sandboxes just can be so messy especially with toddlers, this way I m avoiding having sand all over the floor.

The good part about Chestnut Sensory Play Boxes is that you are still able to use most of your sand toys for it. Shuffles, buckets even diggers, and dump trucks will still work for your easy fall activity.

Just be careful since there is a choking hazard for little toddlers with this activity. Therefore I recommend this activity for ages 3 years and up and under supervision!


Here is the full step by step tutorial:


Step 1: Collect chestnuts

  • Go for fun fall walks and collect chestnuts on the way.

Step 2: Fill your sandbox

  • Use your chestnut treasures to fill your empty sandbox with them.

Step 3: Use your sand toys

  • Use your sand toys to play in your new chestnut sensory play box.


  • Each time you go on a walk collect more chestnuts and keep filling your new sensory table.

My kids really enjoy this fantastic but super simple hands-on activity.

chestnut DIY activity: chestnut sandbox

Chestnut Track

But that’s not all the kids came up with and sure won’t be the last. Next, we decided to build our own chestnut track out of old pool pipes.

Here is what you will need for it.

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  • chestnuts
  • a big wood board
  • nails
  • hammer
  • rubber bands
  • pipes
chestnut ideas: chestnut track

Let’s take a look at how we built this DIY fall project.


Step 1: Make a plan

  • We refurbished our old table tennis table for this activity but any kind of wood board will work as well. Take your pipes and hold them in place. Take a small chestnut and make a test run before attaching them with nails to the board.

Step 2: Attach the pipes

  • Attach the pipes with nails and rubber bands to your surface. Hammer nails in the desired place to hold your pipes and hold them with rubber bands, wool, or rope to your wood. Alternatively, you can also make wholes in your wood board and use wool to attach the pipes.

Step 3: Pick the right chestnuts

  • Make sure your chestnuts are small enough for your pipes to go through them. The bigger your pipes the more chestnuts will fit!

Step 4: Playtime

  • After building your own chestnut track and collecting the right sized nut its time to enjoy your track.

The great part about this fun STEM fall activity is that big kids will have a lot of fun with engineering their own chestnut track and building it.

My older son and his friends made it themselves and had a blast. They even made sure it’s on the right height for my toddler to play with it as well.

Just please be aware of the choking hazard of this STEM project. Therefore I don’t recommend it for children under 3 years and only under supervision.

Chestnut Art

My children are like very hungry caterpillars or like hungry tigers. They still didn’t have enough of playing with chestnuts and decided to use them to make nature art.

Here is what they used for their nature art project.

Also, don’t forget to grab our free fall printable resources for little tigers here.


  • chestnuts
  • nature finds
  • chalk

The kids used this fun art activity find from their nature walks and chalk. They used their chestnuts and other materials to create their own masterpieces.


Step 1: Collect materials

  • Go for adventure walks and collect all kinds of natural materials you can use for this easy fall project.

Step 2: Be creative

  • Use your finds and chalk to create beautiful unique nature art.

Please don’t let smaller children be unsupervised during this activity. This activity has choking hazards as well.

chestnut play clock

My kids really enjoyed every single activity and they are far from getting bored with playing with chestnuts. There are endless craft ideas they can explore and sure will.

I hope you liked these fall chestnut DIY activities for your children.

Don’t forget to let me know which sensory chestnut ideas your kids liked best. Leave a comment below and add a picture.

I love to hear from you!

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