Awesome Corn Sensory Bin for Kids (age 3+)

Did you make your own corn sensory bin yet?

You should give it a try. It is super easy and brings many afternoons full of fun.

Let’s dive right in.

corn sensory bin for kids

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Fall Sensory Bin

As many of you know by now fall is one of my favorite season.

The weather is still warm and nature gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative. Each year we are visiting pumpkin patches. Besides the big slides and the corn maze, my kids love playing in the sandboxes filled with corn.

Sadly this year we are not able to visit pumpkin patches. Therefore we decided to create a corn sensory pin instead. But what is a sensory bin? A sensory bin is any kind of container, such as a plastic bin, cardboard box, sandbox, kitchen tray, water table, baby tub, and so on, filled with fun materials.

The bins can be filled with colored rice, tried beans, kidney sand, water beats, and corn, just to name a few options. Sensory play tables are the perfect hands-on activity for kids to scoop, dig in, and explore while automatically improving their fine motor skills.

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The theme selection of sensory play bins is endless.

I love to add sensory play tables to learn through play activities. It gives the children the opportunity to learn through using their senses, extending their focus span, and helps them to remember.

Like with science experiments, we read a book about our subject, talk, and discuss the process, observe or touch and learn at the same time.

Corn Sensory Bin for Fall Farm Fun

For this fun fall farm activity, we actually learned about corn and how it becomes food for the animals. We are lucky enough to live on a farm so my children were able to watch how the corn got harvested and made into food for the animals.

harvesting corn

Afterward, we went onto our field and collected leftover corn for our sensory play experience. Then, my kids cleaned the corn off and peeled all the little grains that kept them busy a whole afternoon itself.

The easier solution is definitely going to your next farmer’s market or bird feeding store and buy shelled corn.

The set up itself is super easy and very fast. Simply fill your preferred bin with your fun materials and add your toys.

Which toys your wondering, that’s up to you and depending on what you can find in your house. But sand toys always work for these activities.

Use a shuffle and small jars, ice cube trays, cups, baby food containers, or even muffin trays to create a great opportunity for your little one to dig, scoop and dump.

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But let’s get back to our farm sensory play activity and see what we will need for it:


  • corn grains
  • bin
  • farm toys

The step by step tutorial is super easy. Let’s take a look what to do next for our fall sensory bin:

farm sensory bin


Step 1: Prepare Corn

  • Buy corn grains or remove the corn grains yourself from the corncobs.

Step 2: Fill your Bin

  • Fill your bin with the shelled corn. The amount you will need depends on the size of your container.

Step 3: Add toys

  • Add farm toys to your farm sensory bin.

Step 4: Let’s play

  • Your fall sensory play bin is finished now and your child can enjoy playing with it.

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  • Don’t through your corn out right away. This activity will entertain your children for a couple of afternoons. To switch it up just simply exchange toys to create a new theme.
  • Use a huge sheet underneath your play bin
cornplay with traktor


If you are interested in learning about the anatomy of corn take a look here.

Otherwise, here some fun facts about corn to round this activity up:

  • Another name for corn is maize or like we spell it in German mais.
  • In the US it’s considered a vegetable but many other countries consider it as a grain.
  • It belongs to the grass family.
  • Corn grows everywhere except in Antarctica.
  • Wow! An average ear of corn has 16 rows and 800 corn kernels.
  • Corn comes in many colors, white, red, black, yellow, and gray/blue.
  • Corn comes in 200 different varieties. The most known corn types are dent corn, flint corn, sweet corn, and flour corn.
  • Corn is full of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin A, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Corn is in many types of foods such as cereals, popcorn, corn chips,  baby food, and even pet and animal food.

These and more fun facts about corn can be found here.


We really enjoyed this farm sensory play. It entertained my kids several afternoons.

Be aware that it can be messy since the corn most likely will not stay in the tray. But with the sheet, it was super easy. Simply bundle everything up afterward.

This cool loos parts activity is awesome for outdoor or indoor play when it is cold outside.

It is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers but even my 8-year-old son still enjoyed it.

Just make sure you are supervising your younger children so they don’t try to swallow the corn grains.

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Now I would like to hear from you! How did you enjoy this easy corn sensory bin play activity?
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