20 Best Summer Activities for Kids (age 3+)

The summer can be long, no need to get bored. Simply try these 20 awesome summer activities for kids.

They are super fun.

Let’s dive right in.

20 Best summer activities for kids

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Summer Activities

It’s summer, the kids are out of school, and it’s time to have fun.

Unfortunately with the pandemic still going on it’s most likely not going to be a regular summer. Never the less that doesn’t mean our kids can’t have a blast.

Here some great, summer activities for kids including arts and crafts ideas, science experiments, and activities for kids to overcome the „normal“ boredom during school break in this crazy time.

1. Water Balloon Activities

By Lil Tigers
Try these awesome water balloon activities and get creative with your kids during the head. They will love this splash of water.

3 fun water balloon activities for kids

2. Recycled Bon Fire Craft

By Playful Kale
The summer is the perfect time to go camping and have a bonfire in your back yard. Why not make a craft the next day and create a nice memory.

Bonfire craft

3. Disney In Ice Escape Water Table

By Bilingual Beginnings
This STEAM activity for toddlers is perfect for hot summer days. I mean which kid doesn’t love to play with ice cubes when it’s hot outside? Want to switch it up? Use other toys instead of Disney figures.

Ice sensory table

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4. Edible Slime Recipe

By Simple Moments Stick
Are your kids obsessed with slime as well?

Try to make your own toddler safe slime at home. Just be aware, it’s edible but sure not tasty.

Tip: Add some glitter to it to make it look like unicorn slime!


5. Sponge Fruit Art

By Millie + Mommie
Switch things up a little bit and try this fun summer project and make your own fruit art with sponges. Especially toddlers will love this easy craft idea!

fruit craft

6. Summer Bucket List

By Lil Tigers
99 fun summer bucket list ideas incl. free printable. Don’t give your kids time to get bored and go on an adventure together!

summer bucket list

7. DIY Solar Oven

By Mosswood Connections
Build your own solar oven is a great science project. Take a look at the instructions and what you can learn during the interaction with your children.

This is a perfect father-son project, but please be careful, this is not an experiment they should do unsupervised.

Please be aware, this project is intended more for big kids!

solar oven

8. Sunscreen Painting

By Team Cartwright
Are your kids getting annoyed putting sunscreen on every day? Show them with this STEAM activity what sunscreen does for their skin and teach them the importance of putting sunscreen on at the same time.

It’s a win-win!

sunscreen painting

9. Printable Under the Sea Activity Pack

By Easy Activities for Kids
Are you going on a road trip this summer?

Print out this fun under the sea activity pack. It will entertain your children, while they are learning at the same time.

Get your free printables now!

under the sea

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10. Nature Writing Craft

By Cosmo Mum
This beautiful nature craft will help your children to learn writing their names and explore nature.

This is a perfect nature lover craft for kids. Take a look.

nature name writing

11. Indoor Beach Party

By Mom Wife Busy Life
Simply have an indoor beach party, here some party ideas and inspirations for it. Your kids will have an epic blast!

beach ball

12. Water Pistol Painting

By Messy Little Monster
Which child doesn’t like to get messy? Try this creative way of making your own canvas art.

Tip: Be on the safe side and use washable paint.

water pistol painting
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13. DIY Card Craft

By Simple every day Mom
Do your kids love crafts?

Try this super fun summer flamingo card. Tip: Use it to send some nice words during lock down to loved once.

hand print

14. Bubble Recipe

By Red Ted Art
Do your kids like bubbles? Mine are obsessed. Try this recipe for the best giant bubbles and an afternoon loaded of fun!


15. Cook with your kids

By Two Healthy Kitchen
Encourage your kids to help in the kitchen and spend quality time together. Try these healthy summer recipes together with mommy’s little helpers.

healthy recipe

16. DIY Sponge Water Bombs

By Earth Friendly Tips
Try this eco-friendly summer activity and make your own sponge water bomb. Take a look at the step by step instruction!

DIY sponge water bombs such a fun summer activity for kids

17. Rainbow Popsicle Bird Feeder

By Grace Giggles and Naptime
Use popsicle sticks to make your own beautiful bird feeder. Hang it in front of your kitchen or living room area and watch birds coming by every day.

rainbow bird feeder

18. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

By Two Kids and a Coupon
Look at this super cute DIY craft. Its the perfect summer project.

Tip: Use this opportunity to teach your children about butterflies!


19. Make your own Popsicles

By Lil Tigers
My kids like to eat ice cream every day. That’s why I started making my own popsicles.

Try this delicious strawberry recipe with your kids at home.

homemade strawberry popsicle recipe

20. Night Walk Scavenger Hunt

By Beary Sweet Home

What’s more fascinating then to go with a flashlight for a night walk. Don’t forget to take this scavenger hunt list with you.

The free printable can be found in the article link above.

night walk scavenger hunt

21. DIY Edible Paint

By All About Baby Blog

Do you have a toddler at home?

Then try this edible toddler safe paint recipe. The kids will have so much fun coloring with it!

edible paint

Please comment below and let me know how you liked these fun summer activities for your kids.

I would love to see a picture of all the cool projects, experiments, activities, and arts and crafts you made!

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